Literature about the Cod Beck

I’m trying to collect and publish details of written literature/books/magazine articles/blogs etc that relate to the Cod Beck.  If you know of any that are not listed below (and I’m sure there will be some) please let us know and we shall update this page with full acknowledgments.

Magazine  and Newspaper Articles.
Below are links to three articles two from Trout and Salmon by John Aston and Steve Schroeter plus one in the Dalesman by Leonard Markham that all feature the Cod Beck. Some refer  to stretches of the Cod Beck upstream of Thirsk.  I’m sure you will know where after you read them.
Seventeen-syllable Beck,  John Aston, Trout and Salmon, April 2007.
Three Trout, three lives, Steve Schroeter, Trout and Salmon, Feb 2010.
Tyke Lines, Leonard Markham, Dalesman, October 1979.

Sowerby Now, a local newspaper has featured one or two articles about us. Our article about the lost cups was published in their 11th edition and can be downloaded as a pdf.

There are several chapters written about fishing the Cod Beck, and other local rivers, in two books written by the critically acclaimed John Aston.
A Dream of Jewelled Fishes: Reflections on Angling , Aurum Press 2007
The Glorious Uncertainty: or Fate and the Fisherman, Medlar Press 2012
Also in the past
Yorkshire Anglers Guide by Tom Bradley 1894.
Reprinted by Olicana Books 1979.
Bradley has a short chapter on the Cod Beck where he says “Codbeck  is a very good angling stream, holding some large trout, and being fishable from source to mouth. Thirsk is the best centre”.

One of our members, Polly Putnam, has her own highly acclaimed Fishing Blog (A Flyfisherlady’s Life) and has written several articles about fishing the Beck. I think you’ll know the ones when you read them.