Records and Catch Returns

We know that we have a reasonably good head of wild brown trout and grayling. It’s difficult to put an average figure on the sizes as they go from very small to very large. Annual summaries of members catch returns will be posted below so you can get some idea of what to expect.

There are usually several nice wild brown trout caught around the 1.5 lb mark each season and several nice grayling.  The trout shown below was found dead by Tim Stapleton several years ago in the side of an overflow pipe near what was an old ford. It was beginning to decompose when found, but still weighted an impressive 8lb 6oz.
So you never know…….

8lb 6oz brown trout found dead in Cod Beck, Sowerby Waters

8lb 6oz brown trout found dead in Cod Beck, Sowerby Waters. Picture courtesy Derek Stratton.

2012 Catch Returns.
We had returns from 16 out of our 40 members, at least four of these were nil as they hadn’t fished the Beck last season. Given the amount of rain last season and the number of days (weeks/months) the Beck was unfishable the figures below are probably atypical. Hopefully the 2013 season will show a much improved set of figures.

Approx 70 trips yielded:-
73 Brown Trout, of which 20 were over 9inches, at least three recorded fish around the 1.5 lb mark. With several others well over the 1 lb mark.
157 Grayling with 20 over 9 inches, best fish 1.5lbs.
24 Chub
13 Dace

So there you have it. If you didn’t submit a catch return last season then please do so for the 2013 season. All we need is number of trips (hours as well if possible), number of brown trout caught and the number above 9 inch. The same for Grayling and any other species that come along.  Notes on any large fish will be appreciated.
As an added incentive for next season we will hold a draw for all members who submit a catch return, the prize being a free years membership to Sowerby Angling Society. If this doesn’t provide us with the necessary details and numbers we may have to consider making catch returns compulsory for all members, as some other local clubs do.