River Lampreys and Fishing Update.

Cod Beck River Lampreys April 2013

Cod Beck River Lampreys-April 2013

We are getting reports of numbers of freshwater Lampreys returning to spawn in the beck, which is good news (Mid April 2013).
Try to disturb them as little as possible. In particular try not to damage their spawning redds, or nests as they are sometimes called. These are easily seen as small depressions with clean gravel and stand out from the surrounding river bed, avoid wading on them.

Three river lampreys

Three Cod Beck River Lampreys. April 2013
Photo-A. Logan

Regarding the fishing, the beck is fishing extremely well at the moment.

I’m getting reports of a lot of trout being caught, mainly 7-10 inches with a sprinkling of better fish up to 1lb 10oz. If you have caught a better one please let us know.

Early Season Grayling Andy Ralph

Early Season Trout
Andy Ralph


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