2013 AGM

Agenda For Sowerby Angling Society AGM6th February 2013


Minutes of previous AGM:

Secretary’s report: Membership numbers, waiting list.

Treasurers report: Accounts and transactions.

chairman’s Report. Web site and long-term view.

Fly Life Monitoring:

Election of Officers.


Break for refreshments.

Matters arising

  • Proposal to join the Wild Trout Trust as life members (£500 one off fee vs £60 per year). Aim is to get surveys and professional advice in maintaining and improving the Beck.  Long term plan.
  • Change to rule 3 to now read:- Between 1 April and 16 June fly fishing only is permitted; between 16 June and 30 September fly fishing and worm may be used; between 1 October and 15 March  fly fishing and worm fishing is permitted only  between the upper limit and the caravan site.
  • Proposal that we send out a sticker to attach to the plastic membership card and save the cost of re-printing and re-laminating a new set with a different date. Look at costs of getting a better laminated card made.
  • 2013 Subscriptions: No increase proposed
  • Stocking.
    1. Do we wish to stock in 2014?
    2. If answer is yes then we will need a Fishery Officer. Someone will need to volunteer to co-ordinate the ordering of the fish, sort out EA fish movement consent forms and co-ordinate helpers to be on hand on day of stocking.


Work Parties

Update from Edward what is to be done, dates and also new signs

Any Other Business: